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Standardized and vendor-independent bus system for developing local networks consisting of intelligent sensors, actuators and controllers for open bus wiring. Communication is object-based via standard network variables (SNVT). These are described in the released functional profile: pump controller 8120.


  • Worldwide bus standard
  • Low wiring complexity with free bus topology

Vendor-independent project planning: LON makes it possible

LON is a communication system which allows vertical communication among all automation levels as well as a free network topology with the two-wire medium TP/FT10. With LON, profiles have been introduced which allow vendor-independent project planning.

Direct networking of any devices

LON is specifically geared toward the principle of decentralization. It allows direct networking of any devices without a hierarchy in the network. Through the definition of several types of media and the use of a network number, complex applications can be implemented even beyond the media limits. The logical links between network variables are created with a project planning tool and are saved in a project-global database. The definition of application profiles allows for the standardized use of products from various manufacturers.

LON function profile allows numerous applications

The solutions from Wilo are based on the LON function profile 8120 for pumps. Here, the pump object in the LON always represents the pump system. It does not matter whether a single pump, a double pump or a multi-pump system is connected. Below, you will find details about the individual Wilo LON connections and the documentation necessary for project planning.



  • Stratos/Stratos-D/Stratos-Z series


  • IP-E/DP-E series
  • IL-E/DL-E series - Economy MHIE series
  • Multivert MVIE series
  • Helix VE series


  • Wilo-Comfort CO.... /CC series
  • Wilo-Comfort COR.... /CC series

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